Excellence Award "Urban Civilization ... and the Egyptian Experience"

 In celebration of the Urban Partners System, which contributed to the success of the "Egyptian experience model" in the current urban renaissance, “Cairo Construction Hub" launched the Excellence Award, which is given to individuals, bodies, entities and projects that have achieved an architectural and urban achievement according to the following determinants: -

Determinants of engineering excellence for the "Urban Civilization and Egyptian Experience" award

- That the work submitted for the award has achieved clear distinction in one of the engineering sectors.

- That the work, person, organization, or project represents an active element in the field of construction, or that it contributes to the enrichment of the Egyptian engineering system.

- That the work took into account the civilizational character and the special nature of Egyptian urbanism, and that it emphasized the concepts of citizenship and belonging and affirming the national spirit in a way that does not contradict with modernity and contemporary.

- That the work represented an engineering challenge, whether in terms of implementation or delivery schedule, or required collective management for more than one party.

- That the work has represented a quantum leap for one or several engineering sectors in Egypt.

- That the work involved the transfer and localization of international expertise in one of the vital areas such as project management, resource management, modern technology, or achieving sustainability.
 - That the work has achieved a more quality environment for life or the conduct of activities or it contains management methods that achieve standards of operational efficiency and more rational management of resources.

Sectors of awarding the Prize

The award is given to individuals, organizations, projects, manufacturers, or natural and legal persons in the following fields: - 

Projects management

- Engineering education "academic content - training programs - engineering technology".

- Architectural design and urban planning.


-Manufacture of construction and building products.

-Real estate financing and banks.

-Real estate, industrial and tourism investment and development.

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