the Young Egyptian Architects Competition 2021 A step on the way to integrating young architects

 Within the activities of the Cairo Construction Hub, the results of the Young Architects competition “Design Solutions for Small Spaces in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges”  which was launched from Jan.25 till March 30 were announced. It must be noted that 316 applicants have participated in the competition, while 186 proposals were submitted by all the contestants to the technical committee after closing the door for submission at the end of last March.  Numbers and significances: In an analytical view of the performance of the competition, it is possible to understand the aspirations of young architects and their desire to contribute to the current urban movement strongly through the remarkable turnout, where more than 316 applicants participated in the competition, of which 224 teams and the rest were individual subscriptions. The competition showed the participation of more than 51 universities and research institutions. The departments of architecture in the universities represented the highest rates of participation, as more than 120 teams participated, representing their universities, and some universities formed more than one team.   Regional and International Participations: It is also interesting that a number of Arab and regional universities participated in the competition, such as the University of Beirut, Mosul, Amman, Sana’a, the Modern Academy in the Emirates, the University of Baghdad, the Syrian Universi...

2021-08-30 14:30:45

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