Ministry of Electricity: We seek to raise energy production from waste from 12 to 20 Mega

A source in the Ministry of Electricity confirmed that Egypt's production of electricity generated from bioenergy reached 12 Megawatts.   He also added that The Government is currently considering increasing electricity generation from those sources to 20 Megawatts over the coming years, while promoting investment in it, following the announcement of the tariff for purchasing energy produced from waste. He confirmed the existence of projects to generate electricity from bioenergy, with a capacity of up to 6 Megawatts in the coming years, with investments of up to 250 million EGP. He noted that some projects are allocated to the private sector with a total capacity of up to 51 Megawatts. Distribution companies will purchase the energy produced from electricity generation projects, especially since bioenergy is one of Egypt's electricity production sources, the majority of which is produced at the El-Gabal El-Asfar Station.   Remembering that Egypt's production of renewable energy by the end of 2019 has risen vigorously to registered 6,000 Megawatts equivalent to 11% of the total electricity production, which reached 55,000 Megawatts, and Egypt's renewable energy production has risen by 2000 Megawatts during 2019, Hydropower has acquired the lion’s share and registered 2,835 Megawatts, followed by solar power that reached 1,740 Megawatts, while wind power registered 1,375 Megawatts.   The Ministry of Electric...

2020-12-17 15:39:07

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