With investments of one trillion EGP, Egypt is making a miracle in the transportation sector.

    The Prime Minister of Egypt, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, described the transportation network in Egypt as a "development vessel", reviewing the country's achievements in the file of transportation networks development and modernization over the past six years, explaining that Egypt was ranked the 118th in the world in the road quality index. Through years of work and development, it has ranked up 90 places, and is now the 28th in the world.   The state announced that the goal this time of developing the national road network and the transportation sector in general is not only to reduce densities within cities, but Egypt is preparing for a more ambitious plan that transfers development from eastern to western Egypt, to serve the national urban development plan for Egypt until the year of 2052, which aims to double The urban area of Egypt, a plan that needed vessels for development, as described by the Prime Minister   Egypt exceeded the implementation rates in a record, so what was scheduled to be completed in the year of 2027 as the first stage of the road development plan until the year of 2052, is about to be completed a few years after the beginning of implementation, and the state was actually able to plan and implement 7 thousand kilometers of new or upgraded roads, and the total of investments that are being implemented on the ground are 950 Billion EGP (Almost one trillion EGP), of which the state has already spent...

2020-11-05 13:05:49

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