Launching a major architectural competition for young architects to find design solutions for small spaces in light of Coronavirus pandemic challenges

 An architecture competition for young architects and interior designers will be launched on first half of Jan. 2021. It's a major architectural competition named “Young Architects Competition 2021”, whose theme this year is “Design solutions for small spaces in light of Coronavirus pandemic challenges.” As a matter of fact, Coronavirus pandemic has added new challenges to architects, planners and interior designers in terms of creating livable interior spaces that are characterized by flexibility in use, sustainability and health safety. It's assumed that this epidemic continues threatening human lives. Consequently, it has become important to find safe spaces suitable for use in various purposes. It is certain that the matter is getting more difficult with small spaces in housing, commercial, educational or administrative sectors, which are activities that cannot stop under any circumstances. That is why the "Cairo International Construction Hub", a multi-activity urban event, launched a competition for young architects with a view to presenting alternatives and design solutions that enable users to practice activities safely in light of this challenge. The competition stipulates the fulfillment of a number of principles and conditions, the most important of which is the achievement of the principles of sustainability and the preservation of resources, as well as the need to respect the urban environment and the u...

2021-01-31 14:56:38

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