15,000 housing units as part of the plans to eradicate informal settlements


Cairo Governorate is preparing to announce that it is free of informal settlements, in conjunction with the transfer of residents of the remaining informal areas and slums to separate areas in the civilized projects that have been completed, chiefly Asmarat 3 & El- Mahrousa 1 and 2.

The governor of Cairo revealed that the governorate has completed the housing of Rawdet El-Sayeda completely of the area's residents and part of the residents of Al-Tayybi area. The planning of Rawdet El-Sayeda 2 is underway in El- Sayeda Zainab, as well as housing El-Mahrousa 1 & 2 projects, and a large part of the Asmarat 3 project.

He added that residents from Mansheya Nasir al-Herafiyin, Old Cairo, Dar al-Salaam, and al-Gabkhana, and al-Mahrousa 1 and 2 have been relocated and settled. Residents of Arab al-Husn, Ezbet al-Saffeh and Rawd al-Farag are currently being settled. It's worth mentioning that the demolition of the Ezbet al-Saffeh area is scheduled to end within approximately 10 days.

Abdel-Al indicated that the removal of informal areas south of Cairo will begin, such as the areas of Batn al-Baqara, al-Suhaila and Kom Ghurab, al-Gabkhana, al-Mahjar area, Ezbet Khayrallah and the dangerous areas there, pointing out that dealing with these areas is linked to the end of the projects scheduled for housing the people there. Al-Khayala project is about to be completed and services are underway, and the Factory 18 project is scheduled to be completed next March, as well as the Ma'an project is nearing completion. All these projects provide approximately 15 thousand housing units for residents of slums and informal areas.

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