The Minister of Housing chairs the Higher Committee meeting for the coordination of the land authority within the country


Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, chaired the Higher Committee meeting for Coordination of the land authority within the country, in the presence of El Sayed El-Quseir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, leaders of the ministries of housing, agriculture and local development, representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Tourism Development, Urban Planning and Industrial Development Authorities, and the National Center for State Land Use.

Dr. Assem clarified that during the meeting, it was agreed to form the technical secretariat of the committee from the ministries, agencies and bodies that participated in it, to start carrying out the tasks entrusted to it, including the accurate inventory of the presidential decrees issued regarding the transfer of state lands, as well as the delivery of all documents related to the plots of lands whose ownerships are transferred. A time plan is drawn up for implementation, and a monthly report is prepared for what has been implemented, indicating that there is a presidential directive to make good use of state assets to achieve maximum benefit from the lands owned.

For his part, El Sayed El-Quseir stressed that each party whose lands have been transferred, is responsible for presenting all documents related to the lands ownership (tenure), and preparing a complete file for each plot of land including its position, or obstacles to the implementation process, and then coordination with the National Center for State Land Use to issue a statement of the legislative actions on the plot of land.

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