The Minister of Transport follows up service projects' implementation in the ports of Dekheila and Alexandria


Lt. General Kamel El Wazir, Minister of Transport, conducted an inspection tour to follow up the rates of implementation concerning a number of projects in the ports of Dekheila and Alexandria, where he inspected the new liquid bulk handling and storage station, whose area is about ​​6000 meters, and its 23 tanks with a storage capacity of 28,500,000 liters. He watched the stages of work at the station, which begins with receiving the ship and confirming the quality and quantity of the product, then reviewing all safety measures for the lines and tanks, then pumping the product from the ship to the tanks at the station, finally ending with the customs procedures and then shipping the products to the factories on trucks after confirming the safety process. The station includes the entry and exit gates, the reservoir area, and the lines from the site to berth.

The Minister of Transport inspected Berth 92, which is 350 meters in length and 15 meters in depth, designated for general cargo, and whose maintenance work was completed in just two months at a cost of EGP 15 million. He also inspected the maintenance work of Berth 94 designated for public goods, as maintenance work was completed at Berth 94/1, with a length of 400 meters, at a total cost of EGP 5 million. Maintenance work for Berth 94/5, with a length of 200 meters, was also completed at a cost of EGP 10 million. Berth 94/4 maintenance is being carried out, with 200 meters long and 12 meters deep. The implementation will take place in two months from the start of work on 22/11/2020 at a total cost of EGP 10 million.

The construction site for berth 100 consists of a multi-purpose container terminal on a berth of 1800 meters and a depth ranging between 15-17 meters. The Minister of Transport ended his visit to the port of Dekheila by inspecting the work of completing the truck yard. The work of a truck yard with an area of 7000 metro has been completed and an area of another 7000 meters is underway to prevent the accumulation of trucks inside the port.

In the port of Alexandria, he inspected the establishment of a free link connecting Alexandria port with the international coastal highway in Gate 54 (Bridge 54) area, which is implemented by the General Nile Company for Roads and Bridges, one of the companies affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, with a length of 2.30 km, a width of 17.6 meters and a total cost of EGP 905 million. The implementation rate reached 90 per cent. This project contributes to achieving liquidity of traffic and transporting goods from Alexandria port to the international road, reducing congestion and traffic pressure in Al-Max Street and the Wardian area and eliminating the accumulation of heavy transport vehicles in public streets in western Alexandria.

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