Future University holds a seminar titled: "National Projects for Roads and Bridges.. Development Vessels"


Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Future University is holding a webinar (online seminar) through the application of ZOOM, titled "National Projects for Roads and Bridges.. New Vessels for Comprehensive Development."

The Webinar was held on Tuesday at 12:00 PM, in the presence of Dr. Hisham Arafat, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, a professor of engineering at Future University and a former Minister of Transport.

The seminar comes in light of the unprecedented boom in the roads and bridges sector in recent years, which has had positive repercussions and a major contribution to supporting sustainable development projects in all its forms, whether urban development and establishment of new cities, or industrial and agricultural development, as well as providing the necessary infrastructure to attract More investment.

Future University had recently succeeded in making new progress in the "QS" world ranking of universities in the Arab region for the year 2021, according to an accurate assessment of research, education and other activities, indicating that Future University in Egypt ranked 71st among Arab universities that are estimated with more than two thousand universities for the year 2021, after it was ranked 111-120 in 2020, after its work to confirm data and verify accuracy.

Within the framework of its academic role as an influential force in reshaping the future of the educational system, Future University in Egypt  works seriously and effectively to re-shape face of education in line with the requirements of sustainable development and the vision of the political leadership 2030, by relying on innovation, creativity, technology and scientific research, and providing the latest methods of smart education, where the university has achieved goals in scientific research and made international achievements in this regard, until it became a model for the modern educational institution that represents an ideal destination for every student, scholar and researcher looking for a better future, under the direct patronage of Dr. Khaled Azazi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Future University.

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