Minister of Culture follows up implementation of the project to improve the visual image of Cairo Downtown


In implementation of the project to restore the civilized face of Downtown - Cairo, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, continues to follow up the implementation of the first phase of the project “Improving the visual image of the central Cairo area (Downtown)”, which’s vision was developed by the National Organization for Urban Coordination headed by Engineer Mohamed Abu Saada in cooperation with the Cairo Governorate, the Ministry of Housing, and Misr Company For Sound and Light of the business sector, which aims to modernize the squares, whether by unifying the form of façades, lines or advertisements, lighting. Work actually began in Mustafa Kamel Square and Talaat Harb passing through Qasr al-Nil Street to the Opera Square as a first phase and the second phase includes Ataba Square and El-Azbakeya Park.

Abdel Dayem said that the project to improve the visual image takes into account the architectural character and the historical context of the central Cairo area and seeks to preserve the distinctive wealth of buildings and restore its splendor as it is a sophisticated international destination for high-level activities, history and culture, and also contributes to enhancing feelings of pride and belonging among its children.

On his side, head of the National Organization for Urban Coordination said that the project to improve the visual image of Downtown Cairo raises the functional efficiency of spaces (squares and streets) through the use of distinctive elements that facilitate movement and pedestrian movement, and parking in addition to enhancing cultural and commercial uses and improving the environment through afforestation and waste management, and creating Investment opportunities, linking Khedivial Cairo with the Maspero area, indicating that the development includes flooring works, lighting poles, seats, indicative and advertising signs, garbage bins, the use of appropriate trees and plants, as well as respecting the movement of pedestrians and people with special needs, providing safe paths for them, and using appropriate materials and colors.

It is noteworthy that the project to improve the visual image of Downtown Cairo is working to make a qualitative leap in the region by improving its visual image and maximizing its architectural character to preserve the façades of its distinctive buildings and remove all the distortions that have afflicted it and organize shop signs in a manner that goes with the general theme of the region.


In addition to showing the distinctive buildings in the central Cairo area at night by lighting its façades in a manner that shows its distinctive elements and its unique architectural character, and gives the area an attractive aesthetic dimension, in addition to ensuring the sustainability of the project and the continuation of preservation and maintenance, by activating civil participation and integrating the parties concerned with the development of building and commercial shops façades..


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