Banque Misr Building new capital


The Banque Misr building, to which ECG provided the complete design and construction supervision services for architectural and structural works, belongs to the first national banking industry giant. Its well-engineered built masterpiece is in close vicinity to the Central Bank of Egypt, which empowers BM brand and urban visuality in Egypt’s New Capital.

The building’s contemporary wholly glazed facades were inspired by BM’s legacy. Built in a premium strategic location, BM’s massive scenic building stands on Plot No. 23A.2, with a plot area of 11,245 m2, footprint area of 4,322 m2, and a total height of up to 34 meters; comprising two basement floors, a ground floor, and seven upper floors. The ground floor houses main and VIP entrances, a banking hall including screened teller counters with vast back-office areas, service areas including restrooms and pantry, and entry/exit ramps to underground parking in basements accommodating up to 400 parking spaces. Floors from first to seventh are allocated to BM’s office areas.

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