Launching a major architectural competition for young architects to find design solutions for small spaces in light of Coronavirus pandemic challenges


 An architecture competition for young architects and interior designers will be launched on first half of Jan. 2021. It's a major architectural competition named “Young Architects Competition 2021”, whose theme this year is “Design solutions for small spaces in light of Coronavirus pandemic challenges.”

As a matter of fact, Coronavirus pandemic has added new challenges to architects, planners and interior designers in terms of creating livable interior spaces that are characterized by flexibility in use, sustainability and health safety. It's assumed that this epidemic continues threatening human lives. Consequently, it has become important to find safe spaces suitable for use in various purposes. It is certain that the matter is getting more difficult with small spaces in housing, commercial, educational or administrative sectors, which are activities that cannot stop under any circumstances.

That is why the "Cairo International Construction Hub", a multi-activity urban event, launched a competition for young architects with a view to presenting alternatives and design solutions that enable users to practice activities safely in light of this challenge.

The competition stipulates the fulfillment of a number of principles and conditions, the most important of which is the achievement of the principles of sustainability and the preservation of resources, as well as the need to respect the urban environment and the urban nature of each region as well as achieving flexibility in use and finally achieving safe spaces that provide a healthy environment in response to  Covid-19 challenges.

The forum and all its activities are organized by "Climax Creation Group", a well-known and reputable Egyptian company in the field of organizing exhibitions and conferences.  "Cairo Construction Hub" is the most recent of the company's projects, which represents an advanced stage of its development as it aims to create permanent and extended partnership and regular work mechanisms among all employees in the urban sector through a number of important events for the people of the sector and multiple and innovative ways to show and interact.

Scientific sponsors

The scientific sponsors give the competition a great scientific importance. They are the entities that support it and believe in its importance, including major bodies and entities with a great regional and local weight. For example, the "Housing & Building National Research Center" (HBRC) is at the top of the scientific sponsors and is the issuer of green architecture laws known as the "Green Pyramid”.  Dr. Khaled El-Zahaby, head of the center, also participated in supervising and overseeing the development of the competition requirements.

 Locally, the competition is supported by the Egyptian Green Building Council (Egypt GDC). Its president, Prof. Dr. Salah El-Hagaar, Professor of Energy and Sustainable Development at the American University in Cairo (AUC), has participated in setting requirements for ensuring energy conservation and sustainable development within the competition requirements.

Regionally, the "Union of Mediterranean Architects" (UMAR) is the largest and most important regional supporting entity, as it includes 13 countries from Europe, Asia and Africa as supporters of the competition.


Jury:    The competition jury includes the most important architectural, urban, planning and design personalities in Egypt. They do represent the various schools of thought as well as different age stages. They also represent an important number of universities and scientific entities concerned with architecture and urbanism in Egypt.





Prof. Dr. Sahar Attia

Professor of Architecture & Ex-head of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

 She is an associate professor in many international scientific organizations and entities. She is also a consultant to the most important major projects in Egypt today.

Prof. Dr. Ali Hatem Gabr

Professor of Architecture & Ex- Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

 He is an architectural thinker and a brilliant academic who has many intellectual contributions in the field of architecture and urbanism.

Prof. Dr. Amr Abdel kawi

Amr Abdel-Qawi belongs to the generation of middle architects. He is a multi-talented architect who worked as an expert for development at the International Federation and he is a professor of architecture at Ain Shams University and has many important architectural books and articles.

Prof. Dr. Salah Al-Hagaar

He is a professor of energy and sustainable development at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and has many books and studies on development, energy conservation and green economy programs. He chairs Egypt Green Building Council (EGGBC), which is the representative body of the World Green Building Council.

Prof. Dr. Khaled El- Zahaby

Head of the Housing & Building National Research Center (HBRC), an authority concerned with issuing the laws of the Green Pyramid and achieving sustainability conditions in various projects in Egypt.

Prof. Dr Ahmed Rashed

 Professor and was the former Head of Architecture Department at the British University in Egypt, and now the founding director of Farouk ElBaz Centre for Sustainability and Future Studies (FECSFS).

Prof. Dr  Ali Abu Ghanima

A Jordanian architect a PhD from the University of Studies in Rome (Italy) 1997

President of the Forum oF Architectural Mediterranean  FAM

Raef Fahmy

An Egyptian architect and designer who has won many international and local awards.

Dalia Al Saadani

An Egyptian architect and designer, she has won several international awards, including A Design Award and she is an Egyptian Design Ambassador.

Mahmoud M. Abdrabboh

Architect, Urban Designer & Environmental Architecture Expert

Mahmoud M. Abdrabboh is An Environmental Architect, was born in Cairo, Egypt. Specialized in Environmental Architecture Design and Urban Design, and Energy Evaluation. He holds BSc. Degree in Environmental Architecture and Urban Design

Dr Tamer Abd El Aziz

Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Dr Hossam Mohmmed Moftah

Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

It is noteworthy that the competition is available for participation from Jan.1, 2021 till March 31, 2021, provided that the delivery of projects begins from May 15, 2021 until June 10, 2021.

Arbitration:The projects that will enter the "short list" will be published on the digital platform of Cairo Construction Hub at the beginning of the second half of June 2021. The ordinary public can vote on projects by giving one vote to the best project. It must be noted that 20% of the total marks are given by the general public of specialists who vote for the project on the digital platform , whereas 80% of the evaluation scores remain in the hands of the jury.

Competition Projects Exhibition A special exhibition will be held to display the projects that have been escalated, which may reach 100 projects in a large exhibition hall at Cairo International Conference Center (CICC) in Nasr City, as part of the activities of the Cairo Construction Hub from the morning of June 10 until June 12, 2021.

The projects presented will be judged on the morning of June 12, 2021 by the committee, but the identity of the contestants will not be revealed until the moment of the announcement of the results that same evening.

 Announcing Results and Awarding Prizes Ceremony: A large ceremony will be held to announce the results, attended by a number of experts, investors, participants in the activities of the forum and the teams participating in the competition. The ceremony will be headed by the president of the jury, representatives from the organizing company, sponsors and officials on June 13, to announce the results. The winning teams will have an appropriate time to formally explain the project to the committee through the appropriate presentation aids.

Prizes: Winners will be awarded cash prizes of up to EGP 75,000 for the first three prizes in addition to other advantages, including the issuance of a documentary book for the participating and winning projects. Projects are also published on the digital platform of the Cairo Construction Hub, and all teams and individuals participating in the competition will receive certificates of participation or winning bearing the logos of the organizers and sponsors.


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