Egypt will establish the first factory for the production of railways


Minister of Transport, Kamel El-Wazir, said that coordination is underway with companies specialized in the iron and steel industry to establish a factory for the production of railways in Egypt to settle this industry, provide hard currency and create new job opportunities.

He added that the implementation of the first factory for the production of railways in Egypt has already started, and it is planned that the rails will be produced in this factory within 24 months.

He pointed out that coordination is underway with the Russian-Hungarian Transmach Holding Company to establish a new main workshop for the repair, maintenance and development of vehicles, and a long-term maintenance contract with the company to maintain these vehicles continuously, in a manner that guarantees the transfer of expertise to the Egyptian side.

The minister confirmed that, in light of the political leadership’s directives, this achievement comes through developing a set of flexible, comprehensive and advanced policies, foremost of which is providing the highest levels of safety and security on transport networks and expanding transportation means to link Egypt with its regional and international surroundings, indicating the aspiration to upgrade investment and technical cooperation with both Russia and Hungary. 

The Russian-Hungarian 1300 carriage deal includes the supply of 800 air-conditioned cars (500 third-class air-conditioned vehicles, a new service that is offered to passengers for the first time in the history of Egypt Railways, a luxurious 180 second- class carriages, 90 luxurious first-class carriages and 30 air-conditioned buffet cars), in addition to 500 third-class carriages with dynamic ventilation. It represents a great quantum leap or a paradigm shift in the field of moving units on the railway, and it will contribute to raising the efficiency of daily operation, regularity of operating schedules, and a distinct leap in the service provided to the public of passengers.

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