Egypt is third in the world in production, and France is the most important importer of fiberglass pipes


The "Future Pipes Industry" company won the project to extend the drainage network in the town of “Rouvroy” in northern France, where France is the most important import market for fiberglass produced in Egypt after its production witnessed a big boom during the last period, it leaded Egypt to the third place in the world. Arab and national investments come at the top of the list of investments that have recently been pumped into this vital industry. The industrial development plans adopted by the state also had a major role in providing the logistical structure for the growth of this industry within the current industrial development axes. The "Future Pipes Manufacturing" company is considered the most important local producer based on the latest production methods and quality tests compatible with European specifications, which enabled the product to compete internationally, gaining new markets, especially in countries such as France, North Africa and the Arab Gulf states.

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