R5 town in new Capital City


R5 town is planned for development within the first phase of the New Capital. Stretching over an area of approximately 1,022 feddan, and ECG did the complete design and supervision for this zone.

R5 incorporates residential zones with varying densities (apartment blocks, villas & townhouses), in addition to major public town squares, ancillary buildings (schools, mosques, a hospital, family health clinic, sports club, police station, civil defense center & a post office), urban open spaces, water features, land reserved for a university, and a power station.

The urban public spaces design concept simulates Khedivial Cairo’s urban and architectural character represented in main commercial spines, main boulevards, squares, open spaces and nodes; starting at the entrances to the Old City to the two northbound entrances, connected by public squares, simulating Parisian Cairo’s urban fabric.

Furthermore, R5 includes a main green hub and river, central park, clusters of open spaces, and Garden City villas’ linear parks and towers’ main boulevard.

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