the results of the Young Egyptian Architects Competition 2021 Second Prize Fenaa’ 50 shades of Legacy – Windows on Egypt.


   Location : Giza Rural areas

Team : Samer Mohamed Adel El Sayary

Code: H-1066

The design Concept :

The new design concept is a new approach to express myriad and vast cultural spectrum of Egyptian identities by designing a neutral white minimal house with one big vertical courtyard window capturing views of Egyptian land scenery reflecting the core intangible and hidden values of local societies with the high flexibility and adaptability to any local culture and to the changing Egyptian family needs.

Adaptability and flexibility is a key element also in the new design where it was found that most Egyptian family’s needs are changing by time and in need of more space. The solution was in creating a multi-use space on the ground floor with big storage units to store the furniture and hence the plan could be multi-used as required.

The Egyptian rural area suffers a non-healthy housing problems with extreme poverty levels, the new design intended to solve those urgent issues with promoting the social values. Also in response to the United nations sustainability goals that were integrated into the design criteria to Build a cultural habitat with community and for community.

The environmental agenda was also studied to push the boundaries of regular sustainability to a new level of self-sufficiency with goal of creating a Zero-energy house producing its own water and food. The environmental approach was based upon standing on the latest technologies for self-sufficiency and renewable energy resources appropriate for our climate.

Social Approach was achieved after a lot of interviews and meetings with various social classes in Egyptian society (Human centered design approach; dealing with users as part of the design team) to reach a design manifesto for an Egyptian contemporary model that reflects the contemporary life style and the Egyptian family aspirations as well in a perfect square house framing views of Egypt.

Despite the concept design of adaptability and flexibility but all environmental calculations, energy modeling and CFD simulations were done on Giza villages quarter area.

The 50 design criteria were derived from multi-resources that represent different Egyptian micro-cultures that is harmonizing in “a unity within diversity” relationship.

This project is a going scientific work that was started 10 years ago and will continue to be developed and many environmental calculations will be published as scientific papers.



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