the Young Egyptian Architects Competition 2021 A step on the way to integrating young architects


 Within the activities of the Cairo Construction Hub, the results of the Young Architects competition “Design Solutions for Small Spaces in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges”  which was launched from Jan.25 till March 30 were announced. It must be noted that 316 applicants have participated in the competition, while 186 proposals were submitted by all the contestants to the technical committee after closing the door for submission at the end of last March. 

Numbers and significances:
In an analytical view of the performance of the competition, it is possible to understand the aspirations of young architects and their desire to contribute to the current urban movement strongly through the remarkable turnout, where more than 316 applicants participated in the competition, of which 224 teams and the rest were individual subscriptions. The competition showed the participation of more than 51 universities and research institutions. The departments of architecture in the universities represented the highest rates of participation, as more than 120 teams participated, representing their universities, and some universities formed more than one team.

Regional and International Participations:
It is also interesting that a number of Arab and regional universities participated in the competition, such as the University of Beirut, Mosul, Amman, Sana’a, the Modern Academy in the Emirates, the University of Baghdad, the Syrian University and the University of Benghazi, while teams from France, Finland, Italy and Britain participated, and none of those universities were able to attend and come to Cairo due to the current closure conditions of Corona pandemic.
The Work of the Technical Committee:
The work of the Technical Committee during the competition was limited to coding the teams, housing the participants, responding to inquiries and communicating with the participants, while its tasks began to receive the competitors’ projects after closing the door for participation in the competition and making sure that all reports, drawings, etc. were met, especially with regard to the timing of receiving projects. With the end of the technical committee's work, projects that met all the required conditions were escalated. 

Jury Meetings:
The jury met to examine the projects nominated for presentation several times, the first of which was after closing the door for receiving projects, which took place on June 5, 2021. Over the course of five consecutive days, the jury, headed by Prof. Dr. Sahar Attia, Professor of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and the membership of Prof. Ahmed Yahya Rashid, Professor of Architecture at the British University, Prof. Hind Farrouh, Professor of Architecture at the National Center for Building and Architectural Research, Architect Raef Fahmy, and the architect and international designer Dalia Al-Saadani to discuss the projects submitted after the nominations of the Technical Committee, which numbered 50 projects that fulfill all conditions and are valid for presentation. The committee’s meetings ended to choose the most important 12 projects from the 50 projects that were escalated for display in a gallery within the activities of the forum, which were presented on an area of 500 square meters in a special pavilion during the days 10th, 11th, and 12th of June.

Elements of Project Evaluation by the Jury:
The elements of project evaluation included a number of points that the committee relied on during the judging, which are the elements that were previously announced to the contestants on the competition’s digital platform, namely
•    Compatibility with the urban fabric of the selected site
•    Idea, design creativity and show
•    Distinctive architectural style and character
•    Flexibility of design and integration of functional relationships
•    Elements, finishing materials and interior design
•    Achieving environmental sustainability requirements and using local materials
•    Check the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on design and related solutions
The ceremony of announcing the results and handing out the winning shields and prizes
Over the three days of the show, the jury met in the show gallery to name the winning projects, and at the end of June 12, the results of the competition were announced and the prizes were handed over in the presence of the Chief of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, Mr. Eng. Hani Dahi, Major General Hisham Abu Senna, Chief and head of Cairo Engineers and all members of the jury, as well as Eng. Ahmed Hashem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organizing company, Mr. Ali Dagher, the general coordinator of the competition and the project manager, and Mr. Gilbert Hobeika, Steel Egypt Company, Major General Ayman Adel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company for Marble and a number of consultants, experts and those interested in architectural affairs, with a heavy presence from all participants and their families.
After welcoming the audience on the podium, Prof. Dr. Sahar Attia announced the final results in her opening speech to the ceremony as the head of the committee, where she said that the best 15 projects were selected as a first stage,then the selection of the top 10 projects, and then the ranking stage began. After deliberation, the committee decided the following, according to consensus:
- A number of "7" projects were awarded encouragement prizes
- 3 financial prizes (first, second and third) were awarded.
The projects were characterized by diversity in terms of the nature of the projects and the proposed use or in terms of the location and the design requirements that follow. It became clear to the committee that the contestants had made a “distinguished” effort that calls for us to extend our thanks and appreciation, whether for the winners or those who did not receive prizes.

And we start with the incentive prizes, arranged in codes:
1 - An incentive award was granted to the project with code No. “E-1298” submitted by the team of Engineer Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed and its title is Shubra El-Kheima Educational Center on a site in the northeastern city of Cairo.
 2 - An incentive award was granted to the project with code No. “O- 1286” submitted by the team of Engineer Marwan Medhat Mohamed and its title is the Citadel area on a site in the city of Cairo.

3 - An incentive award was granted to the project bearing the code number "H-1281" submitted by the team of Dr. Reham Nadi Faragallah, whose title is Housing university students of New El Alamein City on a site in the new city of El Alamein – Alexandria.
4 - An incentive award was granted to the project with code No. “E- 1186”, submitted by Engineer Dina Hatem Shams El Din, entitled Bio Mars School, the new administrative capital on a site in Cairo
5 - An incentive award was granted to the project with code number “E- 1326” submitted by the team of engineer Shahd Dergham and her team, and its title is an educational center on a site in Assiut.
 6 - An incentive award was granted to the project bearing code No. “O- 1191” submitted by Eng. Anas Muhammad Taha and entitled Planet X on a site in Al Wahat City in the Eastern Desert.
7- An incentive award was granted to the project with code number "O-1323" submitted by Dr. Rania Rushdy's team and entitled New Capital Clinical Hub (NCCH) in the new administrative capital.
As for the financial prizes, they were awarded as follows




The third prize was awarded equally between:
- The project that bears the code No. “H- 1293” submitted by the team of Moataz Mohamed Hassanein and its title is “Immunological building” -Helwan city on a site in Cairo. 
- The project bearing code No. “E- 1111” submitted by Engineer Islam Ehab and its title is A VERTICAL SCHOOL, Faisal Street, in front of the Faisal metro station on a site in Giza.

The second prize was awarded to:
- The project that bears the code number “H- 1066” in the name of Dr. Samer Al-Siyari, and its title is Fifty Degrees Courtyard Project from Egyptian Heritage - the Egyptian countryside site in the Delta and Upper Egypt.

The first prize was awarded to:
The project bearing the code number "E- 1320" submitted by the team of Engineer Al-Hussein Bin Ali, and its title:
Scaffold Educational Hub Center and its location is Ezbet El Safeeh - Cairo slums.

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