Bio-Mars School yac competition honorable prize


New Administrative Capital

Team : Dina Hatem Shams El Din  

Code: E-1186

The design Concept : Nature-Inspired School



Biophilic design, or incorporating elements of nature into the learning environment, has been proven to have a positive influence on students’ well-being, as well as to boost productivity and academic achievement. This project covers the issue of insufficient spatial design support, which is part of the combined “COVID-19” pandemic, and sets the direction for the environmental improvement of school facilities. Aims to find the clues to creating an optimized environment for children in nature, which is a key factor that generally promotes children’s physical, cognitive, and social development. Using natural elements where children can enjoy various sensory experiences related to nature and provide design recommendations for other schools that may wish to incorporate biophilic elements into educational design.


Concept Deformation

This biophilic learning environment built up area 90-square-metere classroom, which was designed to illustrate how you can infuse your learning spaces with nature.

Within the classroom, three distinct zones support different modes of learning, with mobility and flexibility being key. The materials within each zone were carefully chosen to encourage focus, learning, and well-being by mimicking natural environments and making connections to the natural world.

The project Components 
  • 2 Classroom
  • Library
  • Green Terrace
  • Administration Offices
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Playground
  • Mud Kitchen
Project Features

Biophilic Design Consideration

  1. Access to and views of nature.
  2. Improved air quality and ventilation.
  3. Natural materials and calming colors.
  4. Natural lighting.

Sun shading devices, orientation and window to wall ratios were considered in the building design in order to optimize daylight and to sync with human circadian rhythms, thereby optimizing occupant wellbeing and productivity.

Use color to evoke emotion. For example, blues bring in the hues of water and sky and have been shown to produce a calming effect, yellow brings to mind sunshine and elicits feelings of joy and happiness, greens bring in the calming effects of plant life, and the spiritual of red is energy, creation and passion.


Construction System

1. we propose a mold that can be assembled to the CINVA RAM machine.

2. with this mold we can make a self-assembling brick.

3. this brick would not need mortar for the joints. It would also have capabilities for structural reinforcements.

4. It could be organized in different ways and facilitate the construction of a curved wall.

Advantages of Perforated Brick Façade For Biophilic School

The scope of Perforated Brick Façade architecture extends beyond privacy or aesthetics. We explore the various advantages of using Perforated Brick Façade for biophilic learning environment in Egypt

1. Natural Cooling With Air Flow

2. Gateway for Sunlight

3. Filter For Light – Shifting Daylight And Changing Colors

4. Regulates Air Flow

5. Helps To Block Sound

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