young Architect competition honorable prize Planet X


LOCATION : Western Desert – Egypt

Architect : Anas Mohmed Taha

Code : O-1191


Planet X is a project that aims to provide touristic farms in which the main activity of the tenant would be land cultivation and animal breeding, together with recreational, entertaining, and connecting-with-nature activities. However, the most important goal of such communities is the absolute isolation from infection risks which will be done in a healthy environment that has its inhabitants communicating in a distant safe way.

The proposal assumes an isolated desert area which is yet close to the existing infrastructure as well as the agriculture-friendly water sources.
It has been hypothesized that the eastern plateau of the western Egyptian desert which has been chosen by Dr. Elbaz is the most suitable place to begin with. There is already a road connecting this place (Fayoum Link Road), together with some other lateral axes on which the Development Passage is dependent.                                      

Separate hotel suites starting from the path to each suite. Each lodging has its own courtyard which is suitable for animal breeding, as well as overlooking a farm that is cultivated by the tenant for the sake of achieving sustainability.
Irregular modules to symbolize the idea of an outbreak destroying all regularities, as well as illustrating that post-covid architecture is not the same as pre-covid one.                                                  
Despite the complexity of the project, the design of a single unit is fairly simple and easy to implement.                                           
Each group of units is having a shared square to allow human interaction in the context of social distancing imposed by the pandemic.                  
Cinema and matches are of a great importance, that is why all the units are overlooking a shared cinema screen that allow tenants to watch movies and sports events together while staying at home.                                                               

Building material:

Compressed earth from site with a combination of loam and water, compressed on-site using metallic wrenches.                          
One goal of our project is an educational/awareness one, we chose to include some brick-concrete buildings to allow having contractors, technicians, and builders who shall witness the success of the compressed bricks idea for the sake of eventually generalizing it. Change starts from convincing contractors and technicians, as one is the enemy of what they do not know.                                                       

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