Painting 123,000 Buildings as Part of Improving Urbanism Image Plan in Egypt


The state of urban distortion that Egypt witnessed in the past decades has erased the aesthetic identity of a number of areas in the governorates. Serious steps have been taken to improve the visual and aesthetic vision of buildings, especially in the governorate capitals, thus restoring Egypt to its urban and aesthetic distinction.

The state, represented by the Ministry of Local Development, began implementation immediately. Major General Mahmoud Sharawy, Minister of Local Development, directed the governors to start implementing the assignments and develop a plan to finish painting all facades of buildings and residential buildings.

Since the launch of this project, which many specialists considered as a distinctive civilizational project that preserves the Egyptian identity, the governorates have begun to work in full swing and provide incentives to citizens to finish painting homes and facades.

Recently, a report was issued by the Ministry confirming the completion of painting the facades of 123,000 buildings, and that there are other plans to complete all works.

Sharawy stressed that the facilities won't be provided to any residential buildings or establishments whose façades have not been painted in the colors specified by each governorate, indicating that the appropriate colors have been determined for each city, center and district in every governorate in proportion to its architectural character in order to display it in a civilized and aesthetic manner.

The Minister of Local Development added that the Unified Building Law obliges real estate owners to paint and finish the facades of residential buildings before supplying facilities by municipalities and cities, explaining that the governorates have set an implementation plan that includes a timetable for building owners to finish painting the four facades of the buildings, provided that cutting measures of the utilities, including electricity and water, for buildings whose owners do not finish painting their facades, will be taken immediately.

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