Training 137 Yemeni cadres in the technical and administrative fields of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company


Under the auspices of His Excellency the Ministers of Electricity and Renewable Energy in Egypt and Yemen, the activities of the first training courses have been started within a package of seven consecutive remote training programs for 137 Yemeni cadres in technical and administrative fields. The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company will implement these training courses within the framework of the interest that the electricity & energy sector pays to build and prepare cadres. These programs are of utmost importance in order to consolidate and strengthen relations between the two countries and reach a real partnership to achieve mutual benefits and the desired goals. The trainees transfer the knowledge and skills they acquired from the training programs to achieve maximum benefit and improve the current situation of the electricity sector in their country. It is worth noting that from the beginning of 2003 until now, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has trained 8,335 trainees from African and Arab Asian countries in all fields of electricity and energy (generation / transmission / distribution / renewable energy / administrative / financial / computer).

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