yac competition Honorable Prize Contech

Location : Al Alamian New City (Alexandria - Egypt) Team : Associate Prof. Riham Nady Faragallah - Dr. Pakinam Mohamed Nabil Taghreed Mohamed Mohamed - Mahmoud El Shawadfy El sayed - Nada Refaat Code: H1281   Design Concept : Merging modern technology with the project design elements (prefabricated containers). Project Components : The main building (administration and various services for students) - housing units for students (single - double - triple) - recreational areas for the housing units and other areas distributed in the site - horizontal circulation elements (pedestrian walkways) and vertical circulation elements (stairs and ramps) to facilitate the movement in site. Project Features: The "Contech" project is located in El Alamein New City (Alexandria - Egypt) near the campus of El Alamein University at a distance of 121 m. The main concept of the project was inspired by searching for ways to eliminate the spread of the emerging Corona virus and reduce its negative effects. So, the combination of modern technology and architecture was the best solution through integrating innovative technologies (electricity circuits) and new architectural structures (containers). On one hand, the technological circuits of electricity connect the entire site together as a network that pumps life into containers and controls all aspects such as: infrastructure pipes, electricity wires, temperature sensors for all contai...

2021-09-13 10:30:29

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