The Grand Egyptian Museum… The Link between the Civilization of the Past and the Modernity of the Present

Museum Description: The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is located west of Cairo near Giza pyramids. The selected location for this mega project is a witness to the greatness of Egypt in the past, present, and future. The museum is mainly designed to be the largest archeological museum in the world. Its area is about 117 feddans (500.000 sq. m.). It houses more than 100.000 artifacts belonging to both Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods. It's expected to be visited by more than 5 million visitors annually. The museum will include a number of commercial and entertainment service buildings, a conservation and restoration center and a museum garden planting the trees that the ancient Egyptian used to know. The project will be carried out in three major phases at a cost of $ 550 million. During 2010, the second phase (Phase II) of the project was inaugurated which included a Conservation Center (CC) consisting of a number of tests and analyses labs such as Scanning Electron Microscope & Microbiology labs, in addition to Mummies & Human remains lab, Stone lab, Wood lab, and Ceramics, Glass and Metal labs. The third Phase (Phase III) of the project includes the construction of the museum's main exhibition hall which will display 100.000 ancient Egyptian artifacts, Schoolers museum, a Conference Center, an Archeological Library and the Child museum. The final inauguration of the project will be on Nov.2022. A visitor's tour inside the museum begins...

2020-11-29 13:15:06

Engineers Syndicate in Alexandria holds a symposium on the Construction Industry and Building Information Technology

The Syndicate of Engineers in Alexandria, headed by Dr. Mohammed Hisham Saoudi, and the Industry and Energy Committee headed by Dr. Hassan Lotfy, organized a seminar entitled "The Construction Industry and Building Information Modeling Technology (BIM") on Thursday, 19 November at the Syndicate's Conference Hall. The Syndicate indicated, in a statement today, that Dr. Shaima Ashour, Engineer Islam Khalil, Engineer Salim Badawy and Engineer Moataz Ehab, who are BIM technology experts, delivered lectures at the symposium. Dr. Hassan Lotfy, head of the Industry and Energy Committee at the Syndicate of Engineers in Alexandria, said that the meeting dealt with the construction industry and the uses of building information modeling technology and discussed how to start applying the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology in the Egyptian construction industry.  He also discussed the use of BIM technology in new smart cities in Egypt, its role in achieving sustainable buildings in the New Alamein City, and its impacts on smart engineering education, in addition to addressing the importance of BIM technology for construction and architectural, electrical and mechanical engineers. He indicated that the meeting will present ten important information and elements about (BIM) technology, as well as the Egyptian code for (BIM) technology.

2020-11-19 16:09:02

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