The Ministers of Trade and Industry stress the importance of trade exchange for reconstruction projects in Iraq during the Egyptian and Iraqi Economic Forum.

  In a speech before the joint economic and commercial forum between Egypt and Iraq, Nivine Gamea,  Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, expressed her happiness in the presence of a large number of representatives of the private sector, major companies and federations of commerce chambers in the two countries in this important forum, as the two governments in Egypt and Iraq seek to strengthen and boost the bilateral trade and economic relations between the two countries in the stage of reconstruction. She emphasized that this defining stage requires bilateral cooperation between Arab countries and the activation of this cooperation through initiatives and support for the private sector. The minister indicated that the volume of Egyptian exports to Iraq increased during 2019, pointing out that the next phase will witness more cooperation between the two countries and an increase in the rates of trade exchange between the two countries, noting at the same time that there are many service projects that the Egyptian government can contribute to, and the vital role of the private sector in this regard. On the other hand, Dr. Alaa Ahmed, the Iraqi Minister of Trade, stressed the importance of this forum, which represents the two governments and the private sector in the two countries, in a unified forum that organizes trade relations, which will lead up to promoting trade and stimulating investments between the two countries. The Iraqi Minister of...

2020-12-17 15:50:11

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