Bio-Mars School yac competition honorable prize

New Administrative Capital Team : Dina Hatem Shams El Din   Code: E-1186 The design Concept : Nature-Inspired School     Biophilic design, or incorporating elements of nature into the learning environment, has been proven to have a positive influence on students’ well-being, as well as to boost productivity and academic achievement. This project covers the issue of insufficient spatial design support, which is part of the combined “COVID-19” pandemic, and sets the direction for the environmental improvement of school facilities. Aims to find the clues to creating an optimized environment for children in nature, which is a key factor that generally promotes children’s physical, cognitive, and social development. Using natural elements where children can enjoy various sensory experiences related to nature and provide design recommendations for other schools that may wish to incorporate biophilic elements into educational design.   Concept Deformation This biophilic learning environment built up area 90-square-metere classroom, which was designed to illustrate how you can infuse your learning spaces with nature. Within the classroom, three distinct zones support different modes of learning, with mobility and flexibility being key. The materials within each zone were carefully chosen to encourage focus, learning, and well-being by mimicking natural environments and making connections to the natura...

2021-09-13 10:30:46

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